Dedicated to Sarah Phillips

Jim Phillips founded after his daughter Sarah became another innocent victim of pursuit. She died December 13, 2001, in Winter Park, Florida. (Photo with permission by Orlando Sentinel)

A message about Jim Phillips


Jim Phillips’ email to Candy Priano explained that he was simply a hardware man. She knew better and so did everyone who knew Jim. He was kind, rough around the edges, and his advocacy for safer police pursuits defined the last years of his life. Phillips, 57, died Friday, February 3, 2006, after a heart attack at his Winter Park home. Within months of his death, Jim’s son, John, continued his father’s advocacy by tracking pursuits and writing the PhillipsWatch Blog. Like his father, John connected with Candy. He also served as a board member for the organization she founded, PursuitSAFETY, until at age 27 a stroke took his life August 4, 2011. Candy, determined to continue her partnership with both men, saved their writings and maintains She thanks Jim’s wife Patti and daughter Mary for trusting her with Jim and John's important, life-saving work.

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