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Archive: The presses roll, and the carnage continues
Archive: Pursuit Policy is more than just pursuit policy
Tampa Tribune: Deadly chase was judgement call
Archive: If the bad guys hadn't run none of this would have happened
Archive: The Myth of the Split-Second Decision
The Oklahoman
Dayton Daily News exits Dark Ages, joins Twitter
Two pursuits, 4 innocent lives lost
5 injured in Jacksonville, FL pursuit
Hartford Advocate
Response to Reader Comment
TheCopDoc Radio Show

Letter to the Editor
Policy Proposal for Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink
Herhold: An open letter to the governor
Silicon Valley Mercury News
Whittier Daily News
A busy few days
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
KC Star: "Limit police chases and save lives now"
Details emerge as fleeing murder suspect kills two in Orlando
USA Today
Thursday Updates
Milwaukee Policy Change, Virginia Legislation, and the BBC
Milwaukee PD makes a change
Tennessee's HB 2907
Technology cannot replace a public-safety first policy
Classes encourage cops to review pursuit policies
The Scott Fitzgerald Show
In NSW, minimum punishments will go a long way
Mid-North Monitor: Safety top concern during police pursuits: chief
Innocent victim dies in Orlando... Just what happened?
More from Indy
Car crashes into Northeastside daycare
Hot pursuit: Dashcam video fuels Rugby Road chase debate
Officer responsible for the death of a 10-year-old bike rider gets... One day suspension
CMPD says 23 percent of pursuits end in a wreck
Chris Cooper's killer gets 15 years, family wants reform
Danbury News Times
PursuitWatch quoted in Ottawa Citizen
Monday 11/24: WFTV @ 6PM
OnStar's Stolen Vehicle Slowdown Released
OS: After pursuit, 2 arrested in carjacking
The Crookhook...
The Huntsville Times
PursuitWatch cited in New Zealand... I think
Capt. Travis Yates: Driver training and the typical police agency
100 mile chase... For failure to signal a lane change?!?
Police Pursue Seatbelt Violator in Houston
OnStar Technology Technology Demo

Reader Responses... The Negative
Yuma PD: On the right track
Driver training stops after the academy
GPS and OnStar: No exception to sound policy
Fleeing suspets crash into wall in Orange County
Questions Remain in Snohomish County
Greensboro News Record
Teen flees, mom dies, children hurt
Billings Gazette Comment
A few articles to read...
Letter to the Sacramento Bee

Billings PD's Kathy Carson: "Pursuits are always fun!"

Introducing a new Vice President
Sacramento: 5 hurt in police chase
Florida Today: "2-hour chase ends in lagoon dunk"
Crash on I-4 in Lakeland (With Video)
The Voices Insisting on PursuitSafety Newsletter: Inaugural Edition

The Daily Herald
Belleview News-Democrat
Chase in Orlando ends in crash
What just happened in Panama City Beach?
Palm Beach Post and Washington Post
Orlando Sentinel: Murder suspect arrested after chase on I-4

2007: A deadly year for law enforcement

It's a new year
Apparently I'm misleading

Belleville News-Democrat Again
One they didn't publish

Belleville News-Democrat

Some thoughts on this Monday morning...
Two Palm Beach Sheriff's Officers die in pursuit of stolen car

**For those who watched Fox News this evening**
Mmmm... Research
Pursuit in Orlando

Three County Pursuit in Central Florida
Independence Mo.: Two Pursuits, Two Deaths... Redesign
Letter to the Indy Star
Some Random News

Update: Motorcyclist Sought in Beltway Disaster

Albany Times Union Letter
Report on 10/21 Orange County Pursuit
Some "Statistics"
Heads up: 700 WLW Cincinnati Today at 1pm
Interesting week in Central Florida

Introducing: Voices Insisting on Pursuit Safety
Scott v. Harris

Letter to the Topeka Capital-Journal
Just how many fatalities are there?
Some OnStar science... And some reality
"Rose, I'm so sorry. I didn't know it was you. I was drunk."

USA Today, the Early Show, and Good Morning America

Trrraining Sir!

St. Petersburg to review policy
22-year-old killed in Tampa
An Email I Received
Houston PD: Out of Control
Car Chase Stopper: A Response
Just what is the job of a police officer?
Candy Priano: How Many Deaths Before it's Not OK?
Thomas Sowell: Swing and a Miss! Part 3
Thomas Sowell: Swing and a Miss! Part 2
Thomas Sowell: Swing and a Miss!
Car Chase Stopper... Is it safe?

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