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Welcome to the PursuitWatch Online Campaign for
Police Pursuit Reform

What is the goal of the Campaign?
The goal of the PursuitWatch online campaign is to develop a network of concerned citizens to promote national, as well as local, standards for police pursuit policy that keeps the public safety of all citizens foremost in mind.

What will PursuitWatch do to achieve these goals?
will facilitate communication, discussion, and sharing of information.
PursuitWatch will organize and help focus a national campaign.
PursuitWatch will help promote other organizations with similar goals.

How can I get involved?
Because Voices Insisting on PursuitSAFETY is managing PursuitWatch on behalf the late Jim Phillips and the late John Phillips, we are asking that you get involved with PursuitSAFETY. Thank you.

Contribute stories, articles, useful information, helpful or informative links.
Contribute suggestions, criticism, or innovations.
Keep PursuitSAFETY informed of national and local media events.
Spread the word about PursuitSAFETY, a partner with PursuitWatch.
If you are a victim of pursuit be sure to contact Candy Priano.

Visit PursuitSAFETY often to keep up with additions and changes.

Visit the PursuitSAFETY website today.

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