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The Unofficial Pursuit Death Toll

PursuitWatch monitors the news media across the county for police pursuit stories. As I have done this, I have noticed that there seems to be significantly more pursuit deaths than the very often cited (FARS) data. (Approx. 1 per day) The Unofficial Death Toll is a compilation of pursuit deaths noted by PursuitWatch since November 23, 2003

From 11/22/03 to 4/3/04 (134 days) there have been 164 pursuit deaths
92 suspects(56%)  41 passengers(25%)   29 bystanders(18%3 officers(1%)

Annualized Average

Deaths per year
Roll Call of Officers Killed in Pursuit in 2003

NOTE-Deaths are under-reported. Only deaths that are reported in the media that PursuitWatch monitors are recorded here. We undoubtedly miss many, injuries may result in later deaths, pursuits may not be classified by agencies as pursuits, or search engines may not be aware of reported deaths. If you have a link to a news story we missed please email it to PursuitWatch here.

How the PursuitWatch numbers are collected-News stories are collected through the Internet principally from Google News. The news stories that the data was gathered from, as well as an explanation and breakdown of the data may be viewed HERE.

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