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kristie3.jpg (7126 bytes) Kristie's Law
January 22, 2002, Chico, CA. Mark and Candy Priano, their son Steven and daughter Kristie were in the family minivan on the way to Kristie's basketball game. At the same time events were unfolding that would change the Priano family forever. The mother of an unlicensed teenager, who had taken her mother's car, reported the car stolen to the Chico Police. Prior to the pursuit, the police learned that the car was not "stolen" and knew the teen's name and address.  Their own pursuit policy speaks to public safety vs. the seriousness of the crime, road conditions, and having knowledge of the driver's name,age and address in determining whether or not to pursue. Nevertheless, the police chased the joy-riding teen through the quiet residential neighborhood at speeds of over 60mph, through
the quiet residential neighborhood at speeds of over 60mph, through stop signs, through several close calls until after the fifth stop sign it rammed the Priano's minivan-directly where Kristie was sitting. Kristie fell into a coma, never recovered consciousness, and died a week later.  
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Police Driving
In late February 2003, Sgt. Travis Yates (now Capt. Yates) placed a few pages online to collaborate with other law enforcement driving instructors.  The original intention was to have a place for Tulsa police instructors to gather but, as time went by the purpose and focus would change dramatically. As
Travis's site evolved and inquiries and readership grew the purpose of the site has expanded greatly. The site grew to include a wealth of resources dedicated to law enforcement driver training and the issue of safer pursuits. Police Driving is now the premier location on the web for information about law enforcement driver training and a must for anyone who is interested in the subject of police pursuits.
bracelet.jpg (5055 bytes) The HONOR Bracelet Fund
The Police Bracelet Fund began with a thought by Mrs. Traci Grimes Yates.  While seeing the wild popularity of the LIVESTRONG Bracelet through
the Lance Armstrong Foundation, she thought there should be a bracelet for Law Enforcement. The goal is simple - Raise Funds for Law Enforcement Organizations and place a HONOR Bracelet on thousands of individuals, showing law enforcement that they are supported.   Visit The Honor Bracelet Fund

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MADD has gone from being a small group of women to a Nationwide organization with over 600 chapters. Since its start in 1980,
more than 2,300 anti-drunk driving laws have been passed.(NHTSA 1996) In a 1994 study made by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, MADD was the most popular non-profit cause in the U.S., well liked by 51% of Americans. It ranked second among the most strongly supported charities and third on the most credible list.
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