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Outrageous Pursuits in the News

Links and comment on unusually dangerous, inept or outrageous pursuits reported in the national media.

Police chase man who stole state trooper's cruiser
An Indiana State Trooper upon arriving at the suspects house to serve warrants observed the suspect running from the house. In the trooper's haste to chase the suspect on foot he left his cruiser unsecured. The suspect doubled back and stole the cruiser. The suspect was caught a short time later after a pursuit. A State Police spokesman said later that how a car is parked at a scene varies on a case by case basis. I guess that leaving the keys in the car is standard procedure sometimes. Archived Story

Deputy shoots tires to end car pursuit
San Diego Sheriff's deputies are joined by San Diego Police in a chase of a stolen SUV. The SUV was found by its On-Star tracking device. The SUV strikes an uninvolved vehicle and then crashes and then when trying to back up an officer shoots out the back tires. Somehow it never dawned upon the officers to wait for the SUV to park. 2 cars are wrecked because the officers were impatient. Luckily no one was hurt by the two crashes or the two gunshots.   Archived Story
Wild Police Chase in PA-Officer Jumps Into Bed of Pickup
and lives to tell about it.   Archived Story

Innocent Bystander Killed in Pursuit for Suspected Bad Check
When Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was asked if police should pursue for a bad check replied, "It's a legitimate question," he said. "These things are highly dangerous. In hindsight I would say, no." Remarkable candor negated a few moments later when he added, "This thing was happening rapidly," he said. "We didn't start the pursuit. She did."   Archived Story
Police Chase Down Teen Who Alledgedly Stole Beer

Claremont, NH police chase a suspect for "squealing" his tires but Chief Alexander Scott says the police quickly gained control of the situation. How did they gain control? The suspect crashed into a pick-up truck when he ran a red light, injuring the 2 occupants.  Archived Story

Police chase was another chance for him to serve
Harrison County Mississippi Coroner Gary "Quincy" Hargrove suffered a broken rib, bruises and cuts in a head-on collision with a fleeing suspect while attempting to help State Troopers. Just what they needed an untrained and inexperienced civilian "helping out."  Archived Story

Md.-DC Police Chase ends with 3 arrests
This is a primer on everything not to do in a pursuit.   Archived Story

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Police Pursuits International

A sampling of pursuits in the news from around the world
Australia Widow slams police over death    Archived Story
Pakistan Customs cop killed as high speed chase ends in crash    Archived Story
New Zealand
Police had to dodge a urine bomb and other objects    Archived Story
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