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February 6, 2004-Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando, Fla press conference on new Pursuit Policy
February 20, 2004-Orlando Police Department announces new Police Pursuit Policy
April 5, 2004-Kristie’s Law set for hearings in California,
January 19.2005-PursuitWatch.org announces national organization
March 19, 2005 Orlando Police Department-One year anniversary of restrictive pursuit policy                         passes.
April 2, 2005 California Senate Bill 1015 (Vehicle Pursuits)
April 6, 2005 Los Angeles PD Chief Bratton announces new training concerning pursuit related                     police shootings
May 22, 2005 Orange County Sheriff’s Office disregard of pursuit policy results in the death of 2                      innocent bystanders
May 25, 2005 It is time for Orange County Sheriff Beary to take a stand
May 30, 2005 PursuitWatch renews call for investigative panel
June 1, 2005  Are there racial issues involved with the broadcast media coverage of the events                      of May 15, 2005?
June 15, 2005 Review of Orange County Sheriff’s Office 2004 Vehicle Apprehension/Pursuit forms                      indicates widespread disregard of policy by Deputies as well as indifference by the                      Chain of Command

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