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This morning Orlando, Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orlando Police Department Chief Mike McCoy announced the new OPD Pursuit Policy. The new policy is the end result of the work of a Community Panel chaired by Valencia Community College's Dr. Stanley Stone. Among the most significant changes are:
1) Officers are only authorized to pursue for the Violent Forcible Felonies of Murder, Manslaughter, Armed Robbery, Rape, Armed Sexual Battery, Arson to an occupied structure, Use of explosive devices to an occupied structure,  Kidnapping, Armed carjacking and Burglary armed with a firearm.  All other pursuits are prohibited.
2)Simplification of the policy including the elimination of vague and unclear language as well as more precise definitions of pertinent terms.
3)Addresses the termination of pursuits.
4)Provides increased data collection and review through the chain of command and the Training Section.

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This policy is the result of the Mayor's Community Panel on Police Pursuits under Chairman Dr. Stanley Stone and consisting of citizens, community leaders, Captian Paul Rooney of OPD, Officer Shawn Dunlap (FOP Union Rep.) and represents a concerted effort to produce the most restrictive and enlightened Pursuit Policy in the United States. This is the Policy that PursuitWatch will present as a model for all 13,500 police agencies in the U.S.

I would like to thank Mayor Dyer, Chief McCoy and Dr. Stone for the oppurtunity to serve on the panel and I would like to congratulate my fellow panel members on a job well done.

James Phillips

Orlando Sentinel Editorial 2/11/04
Orlando Sentinel Story 2/10/04
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UPDATE! On Monday March 8, 2004 Orlando Police Department Chief Michael McCoy signed the new OPD Pursuit Policy. This came after a review by the Orlando City Council, OPD command staff, the Officer's Union (Fraternal Order of Police), as well as the City of Orlando and OPD legal staff. All of the concerns of the involved parties were considered and several changes were made to address these concerns. All of the changes were embraced by the Community Panel. Police officers in Orlando now have the advantage of a clear, concise and enlightened Pursuit Policy. A policy that sets a Community Standard and when followed promises full support for the actions of it's police officers-no mater what the consequences.

Orlando Police Department Police Pursuit Policy  adopted 3/08/04 (new window)


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