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A well researched, well-written and well thought-out pursuit policy is not worth the paper it is written on if it ends there. Just as much thought and research should go into the training process, tracking and review.  All four of these areas are critical to good pursuit policy:
          1.      Policy is the foundation
          2.      Training in pursuit policy, decision-making, tactics and driving.
          3.      Tracking-thorough data collection allows departments to identify policy weaknesses,                   training deficiencies and trends that are critical to successful implementation and                   refinement of policy/training.
          4.      Review-allows for accountability.
To have an effective policy each of these four areas must be addressed and weakness in any of them compromises a successful policy. The most difficult aspect of pursuit policy is the continued attention to the first four areas and an ongoing departmental commitment to smarter and safer pursuits. 

Jim Phillips


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