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Sarah Phillips' grandmother Mavis (known to everyone as Mickey) Moore provided for the education of each of her grandchildren, a wonderful, generous and lasting gift. Certainly this gift would have helped make it possible for Sarah to make a difference. Sarah had chosen a career as a Registered Nurse and was working hard to gain entrance into the nursing program at the University of Central Florida. She had just finished the semester at the time of her death, and was anxiously awaiting her grades and the hoped for news of her acceptance into the program. Her grades, and the hard earned acceptance arrived after her death.

Sarah's grandmother, through her gift of Sarah's education, has endowed a scholarship at UCF in the amount of $25,000-the unused funds from her education trust, in the knowledge that many future recipients of this continuing scholarship will make the world a better place, and through this Sarah will continue to make a positive contribution, year after year. This is an endowed scholarship, the money is invested by the UCF Foundation and only the interest is awarded to the recipients. For each $25,000 invested in the Sarah Phillips Nursing Scholarship we can expect, each year, enough return to award a scholarship to a deserving UCF Nursing School student of $1500, enough to pay a semester's tuition. Contributions are gratefully accepted. Please help us remember Sarah in this positive and lasting way.

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