Dedicated to Sarah Phillips

Jim Phillips' common sense opinion pieces offer insight about police pursuit, a complex, public safety problem. Click links below for Jim's "Words to Live By."

Words to Live By

Written by Jim Phillips (2002-2005)

PursuitWatch Renews Call for Investigative Panel 5/30/05

Time for Orange County Sheriff Beary to Take a Stand 5/25/05

The Myth of the Split-Second Decision 2/21/04

Orlando Police Department Pursuit Policy 1/16/04

If the Bad Guys Hadn’t Run, None of This Would Have Happened… 2004

The Presses Roll, and the Carnage Continues… 10/10/03

Stolen Purse Feared Lost: 2 Children Watch Their Father Burn to Death 8/2/03

An Open Letter to Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary 4/18/03